Safar – Parveen Sultana – Raga Maru Bihag



This special concert recording is a unique opportunity to lose yourself in the purity and blessed voice of one of the ‘Queens’ of Khayal. It is easy to see why so many Indian classical listeners worldwide have been mesmerized by this ‘Poetess of Music’

1Raga Maru Behag - AlapParveen Sultana03:03
2Raga Maru Behag - Bada KhayalParveen Sultana26:08
3Raga Maru Behag - Chotta KhayalParveen Sultana10:34

1Tarana in Raga HansadhwaniParveen Sultana16:18
2Meera Bhajan - Mai to Lino Govind MolParveen Sultana13:19
3Bhajan - Sai Ram Sai RamParveen Sultana06:47
4Bhairavi - Dayani BhairaviParveen Sultana10:07


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