सरहद – द बाउंड्री ऑफ़ क्राइम (Sarhad – The boundry Of Crime)



SARHAD’ means a boundary; it can be between two nations, good and evil or life and death. Everything is fine with this small happy family of Prakash (Raj Babbar), Sandhya (Farah) their Baby and Deepak (Deepak Tijori) an engineering student the younger brother of Prakash, till one day Kundecha’s (Danny Denzongpa) evil eye falls on Sandhya who is working as a locker in charge in one of his banks. From the day Sandhya & Prakash came to know of the illegal activities carried in the bank, their family only knew terror. Wherever they went for help, Kundecha’s tentacles reached before them. There is no respite, no hope. Hence, they end their lives in desperation, leaving Deepak to face the menace of Kundecha. And how he does it makes the rest of this exciting cinema.

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