Schubert & Beethoven by Grigory Sokolov



1No.1 In C Minor (Allegro molto moderato)Grigory Sokolov10:37
2No.2 In E Flat Major (Allegro)Grigory Sokolov5:46
3No.3 In G Flat Major (Andante)Grigory Sokolov5:25
4No.4 In A Flat Major (Allegretto)Grigory Sokolov8:23
5No.1 In E Flat Minor (Allegro assai)Grigory Sokolov14:11
6No.2 In E Flat (Allegretto)Grigory Sokolov13:34
1No.3 In C (Allegro)Grigory Sokolov7:13
21. AllegroGrigory Sokolov13:46
32. Scherzo (Assai vivace - Presto - Prestissimo - Tempo I)Grigory Sokolov3:30
43. Adagio sostenutoGrigory Sokolov21:28
1Largo - Allegro risolutoGrigory Sokolov14:02
2Les tendres plaintesGrigory Sokolov3:36
3Les tourbillonsGrigory Sokolov2:24
4Les cyclopesGrigory Sokolov3:59
5La folletteGrigory Sokolov2:24
6Les sauvagesGrigory Sokolov1:53
7In B Flat MinorGrigory Sokolov6:17


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