Shame Engine / Blood Pleasure by Health & Beauty



The new album from Health&Beauty ‘ Shame Engine / Blood Pleasure ‘ is their 2nd for Wichita Recordings and the 7th of their career. The recording features a large cast of musicians from the outfit’s past and its present helping the band’s founder and sole constant Brian J Sulpizio achieve his idiosyncratic vision’a sound and ethos he’s been kicking around, retooling, and finessing for more than 15 years. The new album conveys a directness and scorching power that seems to stem from the band’s live performances, whether the harrowing, droning blues of the opener ‘Saturday Night’ or the soulful Irish-tinged folk-rock of’Recourse.’The most gripping and satisfying installment in Health&Beauty’s process yet, renowned Chicago music critic, Peter Margasak, has declared Shame Engine / Blood Pleasure as ‘one of the great rock albums to emerge from Chicago this decade’, and it’s surely one for fans of Jim O’Rourke’s song-based output and The Sea & Cake, as well as appealing to anyone who enjoys ‘Tonight’s The Night’-era Neil Young.[table “redv2773_1” not found /]
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