शक (Shaque)



A happy family if there was one. Vinod (Vinod Khanna) a respected business man, his wife Meena (Shabana Azmi), who dotes on him, and their boisterous son whom they both adore. Their well being is shattered by the arrival of a letter. It is from Mansingh, an ex employee, alleging that he saw Vinod committing a murder. When Meena reads the letter, she initially dismissed it as absurd. It is only when she plays back the events around the time of the murder that she recalls the disturbing incidents. Vinod coming home one evening, his clothes blood spattered. His overnight success, in business. Their sudden affluence. In the close confines of a family, can a woman continue living with a man she feels is a murderer ? What can or should she do ? Expose him ? Kill her self ? Or suffer in silence ? An engrossing drama of excruciating suspense and human emotions.

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