Shehnai – Raga – Maru Bihag



A masterful, evocative and meditative recording of the rarely heard shehnai. This is essential listening for lovers of this ancient instrument played here by one of the few surviving lineages of musicians dedicated to the art.

1Raga Maru Behag - AlapDaya Shankar, Anand Shankar12:34
2Raga Maru Behag - Gat in Vilambit EktaalDaya Shankar, Anand Shankar15:00
3Raga Maru Behag - Gat in TeentaalDaya Shankar, Anand Shankar12:14
4Dhun in Raga Manj KhamajDaya Shankar, Anand Shankar15:16
5Dhun in Mishra PiluDaya Shankar, Anand Shankar11:25


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