Sick Scenes by Los Campesinos!



Sick Scenes is the sixth studio album by Los Campesinos! and follows their highly acclaimed 2013 release, NO BLUES. The album was produced once again by long-time collaborator John Goodmanson (Sleater-Kinney, Death Cab For Cutie) and band member Tom Bromley and was recorded during Euro 2016 in Fridao, Portugal. The band have described the album as ‘an expression of the pent-up aggression we felt due to being inactive for so long, but it’s also a celebration of just getting to be a band, of getting to play music with our friends.’ The themes of aggression and celebration that inspired the album have resulted in 11 tracks that find the band sounding as vital and life-affirming as ever.

1Renato Dall’AraLos Campesinos!
2Sad SuppersLos Campesinos!
3I Broke Up In AmaranteLos Campesinos!
4A Slow, Slow DeathLos Campesinos!
5The Fall Of HomeLos Campesinos!
65 FlucloxacillinLos Campesinos!
7Here’s To The Fourth Time!Los Campesinos!
8For Whom The Belly TollsLos Campesinos!
9Got Stendhal’sLos Campesinos!
10A Litany/Heart SwellsLos Campesinos!
11Hung EmptyLos Campesinos!


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