Songs Of Innocence And Of Experience by Steven Taylor


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(5% DISCOUNT THRU 12-27-19) In July 1948 Allen Ginsberg hallucinated the voice of William Blake chanting two songs from his Songs Of Experience. He later started setting Blake’s songs to tunes of his own invention. In 1976 he began an association with guitarist Steven Taylor, who would accompany Ginsberg’s performances of Blake for the next 20 years. This CD contains Steven Taylor’s own arrangements and records of the two books. Taylor (as well as producer Scott Petito) has been a member of the Fugs for 35 years, and Blake’s songs frequently feature in their concerts. Contains an in-depth note with a biography of Blake and many illustrations from the US Library Of Congress’ 1974 copy of Songs Of Innocence and Experience. [table “chc01015_1” not found /]


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