Sunshine Kitty by Tove Lo


Like a personal fantasy, Tove Lo invites you close enough to see, hear, and feel the moment just before it evaporates back into the ether once more. In 2018, she officially relocated to Los Angeles and dove headfirst into creating her fourth full-length, Sunshine Kitty. It represented a new season for Tove marked by a reclamation of confidence, hard-earned wisdom, more time, and a nascent romance. It starts with the confident and catchy single “Glad He’s Gone.”


1Gritty PrettyTove Lo0:46
2Glad He's GoneTove Lo3:16
3Bad as the BoysTove Lo, ALMA3:06
4Sweettalk my HeartTove Lo3:00
5Stay OverTove Lo3:08
6Are U gonna tell her?Tove Lo, MC Zaac2:39
7JacquesJax Jones, Tove Lo3:24
8MateoTove Lo2:49
9Come UndoneTove Lo2:56
10Equally LostTove Lo, Doja Cat2:16
11Really don’t like uTove Lo, Kylie Minogue3:43
12ShiftedTove Lo3:11
13MistakenTove Lo2:58
14Anywhere u goTove Lo3:10


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