Pandit Chidanand Nagarkar – Raga – Marwa, Chayanat, Shankara, Shyam Kalyan



Pandit Chidanand Nagarkar was a versatile scholarly musician who was gifted with an art to capture the dais at any point of time. His long systematic arduous training under Acharya S.N. Ratanjankar at Lucknow moulded him into a highly creative and expressive musician.He also had lessons in Kathak Dance under PanditShambhu Maharaj. Under his pseudonym Chit-Anand, he has several compositions and self composed Ragas, to name a few – Kaishiki Ranjani, Ambika Sarang and Yoga Shri.


1MarwaPandit Chidanand Nagarkar29:29
2ChayanatPandit Chidanand Nagarkar12:51
3ShankaraPandit Chidanand Nagarkar12:27
4Shyam KalyanPandit Chidanand Nagarkar23:35