Technical Mentality by Long Distance Poison



Long Distance Poison is the Brooklyn-based ambient/drone synth duo of Nathan Cearley and Erica Bradbury. Technical Mentality, their third release on Hausu Mountain, continues the duo’s exploration of extended, transportive synth sessions. Technical Mentality features two sidelong pieces that evolve through a network of distinct moods and levels of density. Slow vortices of standing tone swell into tiered lattices of chiming melody, as if to unearth some evidence of living tissue in the ruins of a future wasteland. Elements hit the mix that land somewhere between conventional notes and abstracted textures, blurring the line between implied harmonic systems and the pure act of gazing into the abyss. Long Distance Poison strips the notion of human-and-machine symbiosis of the discernible markers of instrumental performance. Instead, they present a hollowed out quasi-reality where only a spiritual afterimage of human presence remains.

1Giving Up on Me17:56
2Sunset in a Server18:20