तेजा (Tejaa)



Three robbers Lal Singh, Heeralal Ghosh, and Zoravar rob the gold valut of a bank and take off with all the gold bars they can carry. They bury the bars somewhere deep in the countryside. Several weeks later, when they return to share the bars between them, they find them missing. Suspecting a foul play by a nearbby family, they kill the husband, wife and hang their young son. On seeing people reaching the venue, they abscond. But fate has planned a definite payback for these three killers. Twenty years later, Tejaa, the son of the deceased couple returns to avenge the killing of his parents. he is the same boy who was hanged by the robbers but saved in time by his dying mother. How does Tejaa take his revenge on the thre culprits? Watch TEJAA to find the answer.

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