Tenth Decade In Concert: Live in Escondido by Ravi Shankar



Cinematographer and director Alan Kozlowski’s film Tenth Decade – In Concert: Live in Escondido presents an intimate look at the 91-year-old living legend of Indian music, Ravi Shankar. Kozlowski, known for his work on documentaries featuring the likes of Jeff Bridges and Jackson Browne as well as feature films such as Travellers and Magicians, offers a uniquely personal perspective on Shankar. The filmmaker also produced a documentary honoring Shankar called Sangeet Ratna and co-produced (along with George Harrison) a collection of Ravi’s work called In Celebration. The love of subject is clear in the film, but it is Shankar’s raw and powerful performance that leaves the most lasting impression. East Meets West Music is proud to present this important testament to a great artist simply unable to stop making transformative music.


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