The Book Of Traps And Lessons by Kate Tempest


A handful of words often tell you everything you need to know. When asked, who is Kate Tempest? “Kate Tempest is the words,” she responds. For a woman whose public life remains rooted in poetic magnetism, five words serve as an apropos summation. Yet, her actions beg you to surmise so much more. That’s because you haven’t ever seen, heard, or experienced anyone quite like her. Tempest uncovers the missing link between the Golden Ages of literature and hip-hop.


1ThirstyKate Tempest3:26
2Keep Moving Don't MoveKate Tempest5:49
3Brown Eyed ManKate Tempest3:05
4Three Sided CoinKate Tempest4:02
5I Trap YouKate Tempest3:32
6All Humans Too LateKate Tempest3:06
7Hold Your OwnKate Tempest4:07
8LessonsKate Tempest4:04
9FiresmokeKate Tempest3:34
10Holy ElixirKate Tempest4:57
11People's FacesKate Tempest5:17


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