The Child in You by Stefanie Stahl

By Stefanie Stahl



The breakthrough million-copy international bestseller about how to befriend your inner child to find happinessWe all want to be loved, and to feel safe to express who we really are. But over time we grow estranged from what brings us our purest happiness-because everyday traumas, unyielding societal expectations, and the judgment of our parents and peers submerge our true self beneath layers of behaviors rooted in fear and shame. In The Child in You, psychologist Stefanie Stahl guides you, step by step, through her therapeutic method that has helped millions to peel away these layers and reconnect with their inner child-both the shadow child, representing our deepest anxieties, and our sun child, representing our greatest joys. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood, and with this book you will learn to bring your authentic self out from the shadows, and to embody your radiant individuality.A PENGUIN LIFE TITLE

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