The Divine Wheel – Kala Ramnath, Rupak Kulkarni – Raga Jog, Des



Music is a constant cycle of creative rebirth and depth. This new collaboration between the world renowned talent of Kala Ramnath and supremely gifted Rupak Kulkarni is a beautiful example of this endless process of divine creaive exploration.

1Raga Jog - AlapKala Ramnath06:17
2Raga Jog - Vilambit Gat in EktaalKala Ramnath23:02
3Raga Jog - Gat in Drut EktaalKala Ramnath11:00
4Raga Des - Gat in Addha TentaalKala Ramnath09:41
5Raga Des - Gat in Drut TeentaalKala Ramnath05:44