The Lady In The Car With Glasses And A Gun

By Sébastien Japrisot, Helen Weaver



“A chilling, baffling psychological fooler … sparkles with all the juicy terror that can attack the heart and body.” — Newsweek
Blonde, beautiful, and mysterious Dany Longo is trembling with doubt behind her dark glasses and self-assured veneer. As she races south from Paris in a stolen sports car, she has no idea where she is going or why. Nearsighted behind her shades and timid beneath her bravado, she’s oblivious to the sinister maze of sex, deception, and murder that surrounds her. But throughout the journey, Dany finds traces of herself along the way — even in places she has never been. Is she the killer the police are looking for? Has she plunged into someone else’s nightmare? Or is she a pawn in a deadly game? The answer lies within four elements: the lady, the car, the glasses, and a gun, each of which holds a clue to Dany’s identity and her deadly secret.

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