The Life and Times of Madan Lal Dhingra

By Vishav Bandhu



I attempted to shed English blood intentionally and of purpose, as a humble protest against the inhuman transportations and hangings of Indian youth.In this attempt I consulted none but my own conNonfiction, Science & Technology, conspired with none but my own duty.I believe that a nation unwillingly held down by foreign bayonets is in a perpetual state of war.Sice open battle is rendered impossible I attacked by surprise – since canon could not be had I drew forth and fired a revolver.As a Hindu I feel that the slavery of my nation is an insult to my God.Her cause is the cause of freedom.Her service is the service of Sri Krishna.Neither rich nor able, a poor son like myself can offer nothing but his blood on the altar of Mother’s deliverance and so I rejoice at the prospect of my martyrdom. …

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