The Light At The Edge Of The World



A classic adventure from Jules Verne, the legendary writer of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Around the World in Eighty Days, From the Earth to the Moon and The Mysterious Island! On the bleak, storm-tossed southern tip of South America, a lonely lighthouse guards the world’s most treacherous—and lucrative—shipping lane. But beyond the forces of nature, the lighthouse keepers must also face an even more formidable foe, and soon the turbulent waters become the bloody battleground of two men who fight for control of the cruel Cape Horn and for the pleasures of a helpless, shipwrecked beauty. Kirk Douglas (The Vikings) is Denton, the iron-willed lighthouse keeper who confronts the murderous pirate captain Kongre, played with delicious malevolence by Yul Brynner (Kings of the Sun) in one of his favorite roles. Samantha Eggar (Return from the Ashes) is Arabella, an English noblewoman imperiled by her beauty, desired by both men. The only hope to save the seas and their many travelers flickers in a single dim beacon, known to sailors as The Light at the Edge of the World! The stellar cast includes Fernando Rey (The French Connection), Renato Salvatori (Rocco and His Brothers), Massimo Ranieri (Chronicle of a Homicide) and Aldo Sambrell (Navajo Joe). Stunning cinematography by the great Henri Decaë (Le Samouraï, The Sicilian Clan).

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