The Lives of a Bengal Lancer



Gary Cooper and Franchot Tone star in The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, an exciting adventure of the heroic men who guard the British Empires perilous Khyber Pass in India. Surly Captain McGregor (Cooper) and wry, blue-blooded Lieutenant Forsythe (Tone) are officers in charge of newcomer Stone (Richard Cromwell), the commanding officers inexperienced son. Motivated by a grudge toward his father (Sir Guy Standing), Lt. Stone allows himself to be captured by the enemy. Foiled in a daring rescue attempt, Captain McGregor and Lt. Forsythe face ruthless torture for military secrets until they escape into the films most splendid battle, where Stone becomes an unlikely hero. Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture, this popular film, directed by Henry Hathaway, won rave reviews and critical acclaim for its non-stop action and spectacular cinematography.

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