The Mirror of Production by Jean Baudrillard

By Jean Baudrillard



The most provocative work from the father of postmodernism.A spectre haunts the revolutionary imagination: the spectre of production. Revolutionary thought – from Marx to Deleuze – merely replicates the obsession with production of classical political economy. Jean Baudrillard’s provocative early study The Mirror of Production, marks the point at which his thought breaks from the tenants of Marxism. Instead, Baudrillard seeks to go further than Marx, radicalising his thought by breaking with the capitalist logic of production in its entirety. Combining semiotics with a skilled reworking of critical theory, he carries out a thorough critique of Marxism, arguing that by placing production at the centre of its analysis it serves to naturalise capitalism instead of abolishing it. Instead, what we need is a thorough attack on productivism in all its forms and a total break from the logic of capital.

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