The Perfect 8’S: Workout Set Two With Jaime Brenkus



“Designer of the million-selling 8 Minute Abs videos…Jaime Brenkus is your personal trainer! A perfect dose of fitness…in the perfect amount of time! Get up and start to move. Perfect 8’s is for the inactive person who wants to start getting fit…but can’t find the time, are embarrassed to go into a gym, or confused on what exercises they should be doing. This DVD breaks the day into convenient 8 Minute segments. Get Up… if you rest… you rust!
Scientific: Each fitness segment combines resistance and constant movement in the same workout which will yield the best long term, optimum results in the shortest amount of time. We know that you’re busy. However, if you can fit Jaime into your schedule a few minutes a day, together, we will produce some amazing results.
Jump start your program, Workout Set Two contains: 8 Minute Body Blitz, Sculpt Your Legs, Tight Core, Strength Aerobics, Muscle Mania, Floor Fitness, Tone Legs & Butt, and Sizzle & Chisel: Sculpted Body.
Perfect 8’s equal results: Melt off excess fat; Preserves lean, healthy and attractive muscle; Slimmer, trimmer, tighter waistline; Defined shoulders and arms; Sexy legs; Firmer, rounded, uplifted butt; Increase the quality of your life; Feel super confident about your body …and look great in your jeans again.
Jaime says: “My videos, which take only 8 minutes, will prime your body for its best and will improve your cardiovascular health, muscle and bone strength, respiratory system, nervous system, and your ability to do more with your body than ever before. You’re going to look great and feel like you’re 20 years younger again. I’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure your success.”

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