The Plucker: A Beastly Crimes Book (#4)

By Marie Muravski, Anna Starobinets, Jane Bugaeva



“A clever whodunit featuring believable animal characters in a convincing, recognizable society. A few full-color illustrations from Muravski add to the appeal. Mystery fans (around the world) should rejoice.” — Kirkus
In the finale of the four-book Beastly Crimes series, Chief Badger faces his most bizarre case yet, in which someone is plucking and burning the feathers of birds in the Far Woods. To make things even worse, the top suspect is his former assistant, young Badgercat. Chief Badger knows that Badgercat can’t possibly be the Plucker, so who plucked Lady Cuckoo and attacked the owl twins, Chuck and Huck? Was it Warbler the barber, who’s obsessed with hair, fur, and feathers? Or the sly, treacherous Arctic Fox? Was it the compulsive thief, Sneaky Sal the salamander? Or someone else?
Newly translated from the original Russian, this delightfully offbeat mystery is graced by a wealth of full-color illustrations and is certain to thrill all young sleuths. Look for the previous novels in the Beastly Crimes series — In the Wolf’s Lair,A Predator’s Rights, and The Claws of Rage.

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