The Public Image Is Rotten (Songs From The Heart) by Public Image Limited



1Public ImagePublic Image Limited02:59
2Death DiscoPublic Image Limited04:16
3MemoriesPublic Image Limited04:51
4Flowers Of RomancePublic Image Limited02:51
5This Is Not A Love SongPublic Image Limited03:31
6Bad LifePublic Image Limited03:50
7RisePublic Image Limited04:30
8HomePublic Image Limited04:38
9SeattlePublic Image Limited03:40
10The BodyPublic Image Limited03:11
11DisappointedPublic Image Limited04:11
1WarriorPublic Image Limited04:01
2Don't Ask MePublic Image Limited03:43
3CruelPublic Image Limited05:19
4One DropPublic Image Limited04:52
5Reggie SongPublic Image Limited05:49
6Out Of The WoodsPublic Image Limited09:41
7Double TroublePublic Image Limited03:55
1The Cowboy SongPublic Image Limited02:17
21/2 Mix MegamixPublic Image Limited06:52
3AnotherPublic Image Limited03:52
4Home Is Where The Heart IsPublic Image Limited07:33
5Blue WaterPublic Image Limited03:45
6Question MarkPublic Image Limited04:14
7Selfish RubbishPublic Image Limited03:34
8USLS 1Public Image Limited05:38
9Turkey TitsPublic Image Limited02:06
1Death DiscoPublic Image Limited06:44
2This Is Not A Love SongPublic Image Limited04:28
3Flowers Of RomancePublic Image Limited02:51
4RisePublic Image Limited06:18
5SeattlePublic Image Limited04:43
6The BodyPublic Image Limited05:14
7DisappointedPublic Image Limited06:44
1HappyPublic Image Limited07:07
2WarriorPublic Image Limited06:43
3Lollipop OperaPublic Image Limited06:54
4ShoomPublic Image Limited06:31
5Death DiscoPublic Image Limited09:23
6(This Is Not A) Love SongPublic Image Limited04:27
1AnnalisaPublic Image Limited06:00
2Banging On the DoorPublic Image Limited05:21
3VampirePublic Image Limited03:43
41981Public Image Limited03:24
5Bad NightPublic Image Limited04:01
6Can You Feel The FoursPublic Image Limited05:10
7Spy ThrillerPublic Image Limited04:10
8KashmirPublic Image Limited04:12
9CajunPublic Image Limited03:37
10Think TankPublic Image Limited04:55


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