The Silence Of The Lambs by Howard Shore



1O tannenbaumAndrea Bocelli04:17
2Main TitleHoward Shore, Munich Symphony05:04
3The AsylumHoward Shore, Munich Symphony03:53
4ClariceHoward Shore, Munich Symphony03:03
5Return To The AsylumHoward Shore, Munich Symphony02:35
6The AbductionHoward Shore, Munich Symphony03:01
7Quid Pro QuoHoward Shore, Munich Symphony04:41
8Lecter In MemphisHoward Shore, Munich Symphony05:41
9Lambs ScreamingHoward Shore, Munich Symphony05:34
10Lecter EscapesHoward Shore, Munich Symphony05:06
11Belvedere, OhioHoward Shore, Munich Symphony03:32
12The MothHoward Shore, Munich Symphony02:20
13The CellarHoward Shore, Munich Symphony07:02


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