The Song Of Shiva – Ustad Rashid Khan – Raga – Bhairav, Deshkar



Raga Bhairav: Named after an incarnation of Shiva, one of the three giants who guard Mount Kailash. It is one of the principal morning ragas in the Hindustani Classical.

Deshkar is closely related to Bhupali (Bhoop) in particular: the main differences are that the present raga is performed in the morning and places emphasis on the upper tetrachord, whereas Bhupali is sung in the evening and stresses the lower part of the scale.

1Raag Bhairav - Khayal in Vilambit EktaalUstad Rashid Khan
2Raag Bhairav - Khayal in Drut TeentaalUstad Rashid Khan
3Raag Deshkar - Khayal in Drut TeentalUstad Rashid Khan


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