The Spectra And Structures Of Simple Free Radicals by Gerhard Herzberg

By Gerhard Herzberg



“Authoritative and clearly written.”—Applied Optics
The direct observation of short-lived free radicals and the consequent study of their structure and reactions have led to important developments in almost every branch of chemistry as well as in other areas. This volume by a Nobel laureate offers an excellent introduction to the essentials of molecular spectroscopy.
The introductory chapter discusses experimental methods and illustrates the observed spectra of various molecules and free radicals. Subsequent chapters explore rotational, vibrational, and electronic energy levels of diatomic molecules and ions; radiative transitions; linear and nonlinear polyatomic radicals and ions; continuous and diffuse spectra; predissociation and pre-ionization; and recombination. The well-illustrated text features more than 100 figures and spectra. A distilled version of the author’s monumental three-volume study, Molecular Spectra and Molecular Structure, it constitutes a superb resource for anyone wishing a concise but complete treatment of the fundamentals of molecular spectroscopy.

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