The Tree by Lori Mckenna



1A Mother Never Rests 2:45Lori Mckenna
2The Fixer 3:28Lori Mckenna
3People Get Old 3:42Lori Mckenna
4Young and Angry Again 3:37Lori Mckenna
5The Tree 3:23Lori Mckenna
6You Won't Even Know I'm Gone 2:17Lori Mckenna
7Happy People 3:26Lori Mckenna
8You Can't Break a Woman 3:13Lori Mckenna
9The Lot Behind St. Mary's 3:30Lori Mckenna
10The Way Back Home 3:02Lori Mckenna
11Like Patsy Would 2:58Lori Mckenna


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