Theoretical Solid State Physics, Volume 1 by William Jones and Norman H. March

By William Jones and Norman H. March



This monumental two-volume work is one of the most extensive treatments of solid state theory ever published. Intended primarily for professional theoretical physicists and postgraduate students, it offers detailed, thorough coverage of the most important aspects of solid state physics, presented in an unusually readable manner. Difficult topics (e.g. many-body theory) are covered with a clarity that renders them accessible to experimental physicists as well.
Concisely written and well-organized, the two volumes are concerned with quite different aspects of the subjects.
Volume I deals with the fundamental theory of the equilibrium properties of perfect crystalline solids. Major topics include: Band Theory and Crystal Symmetry; Collective Effects in Solids; Lattice Waves; Spin and Orbital Magnetism; and Interaction of Particles with a Crystal.
Volume II deals in detail with non-equilibrium properties and also includes a discussion of defects and disordered systems. Topics include: Transport; Optical Properties; Superconductivity; Polarons and Excitons; and Defects and Disordered Systems.
Students will especially appreciate the wealth of useful problems included in both volumes, along with numerous explanatory diagrams and helpful appendixes. Professional physicists will welcome the comprehensiveness and thoroughness of Theoretical Solid State Physics, still unsurpassed as a basic reference work in an important and fast-moving discipline.

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