Touching Air – Kala Ramnath – Raga – Nat Narayan



At young age, Kala Ramnath has already established herself as one of the most outstanding violinist of India. This performance demonstrates an impressive combination of technical excellence and a deep emotional quality.

1Raga Nat Narayan - AlapKala Ramnath
2Raga Nat Narayan - Vilambit Ektaal Composition (Part 1)Kala Ramnath
3Raga Nat Narayan - Vilambit Ektaal (Part II)Kala Ramnath
4Raga Nat Narayan - Jhaptaal Composition (Part 1)Kala Ramnath
5Raga Nat Narayan - Jhaptaal Composition (Part II)Kala Ramnath
6Raga Nat Narayan - Fast Tintaal CompositionKala Ramnath


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