Touching Air – Kala Ramnath – Raga Nat Narayan



At young age, Kala Ramnath has already established herself as one of the most outstanding violinist of India. This performance demonstrates an impressive combination of technical excellence and a deep emotional quality.

1Raga Nat Narayan - AlapKala Ramnath
2Raga Nat Narayan - Vilambit Ektaal Composition (Part 1)Kala Ramnath
3Raga Nat Narayan - Vilambit Ektaal (Part II)Kala Ramnath
4Raga Nat Narayan - Jhaptaal Composition (Part 1)Kala Ramnath
5Raga Nat Narayan - Jhaptaal Composition (Part II)Kala Ramnath
6Raga Nat Narayan - Fast Tintaal CompositionKala Ramnath


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