तुम? (Tum?)



Married and mother of two children, Kamini Gupta (Manisha Koirala), while vacationing alone in Mauritius, meets with Jatin Pandey (Karan Nath), a professional photographer, who is younger than her and very attractive. Pleased at the attention she was receiving, she responds to his overtures and the next day wakes up in his bedroom. When she meets with her husband, she feels extremely guilty but is unable to confide in him, and hopes this will become part of her past. When the Gupta’s return to Bombay, Kamini receives a phone call from Jatin. She asks him to forget about her and never phone her again. But Jatin is adamant as he has never met a woman like Kamini, and would like to get intimate with her again. When Kamini persists in ignoring him, he strikes up a friendship with her husband, Vinod, and gets invited to the Gupta house for dinner. Once in the Gupta house, he is polite with the shocked Kamini, but charming towards her teenaged daughter. He makes it quite clear that he will continue to lure her towards him until Kamini meets with him. Now it is upto Kamini to decide what is good for herself, her daughter, and her marriage. Does she give into the Dangerous Obsession of Jatin or does the Obsession prove dangerous for Jatin ?

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