Ugly & Angry [explicit Content] by Chris Porter



1Fourth MealChris Porter
2Nightclubbing Over the HeadChris Porter
3Stomach Belts and NailsChris Porter
4Leading Drunk GirlsChris Porter
5Wonka MeChris Porter
6Talking to TalkChris Porter
7Breakdown of Social EtiquetteChris Porter
8DouchebagsChris Porter
9Same NameChris Porter
10Our PhonesChris Porter
11Gauges and TattoosChris Porter
12Vegan DateChris Porter
13SeasonsChris Porter
14I RegretChris Porter
15Lost at 22Chris Porter
16Other Side of the RiverChris Porter
17Let's PretendChris Porter
18UglyChris Porter
19DrainedChris Porter
20How It Would BeChris Porter
21UnstableChris Porter


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