Universal Beings by Makaya Mccraven


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Universal Beings is jazz drummer / producer Makaya McCraven’s new album – his most ambitious, elegant and refined work yet. Recorded at 2 intimate live sessions and 2 pop-up “studio” sessions across the “new” jazz hotbed cities of New York, Chicago, London, and Los Angeles, Makaya collaborated with an all-star cast of improvisers (15 musicians in total, including Shabaka Hutchings, Nubya Garcia, Jeff Parker, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson,Tomeka Reid, Brandee Younger and Carlos Niño) to create source material for the signature style of “organic beat music” production he debuted on the groundbreaking 2015 release In The Moment. The result is this epic, 2xLP set that represents another breakthrough in Makaya’s career as a recording artist, as well as a definitive new work of the exciting global groundswell of next-generation, Black musicians re-vivifying and re-articulating “jazz” in 2018.

1A Queen's IntroMcCraven, Makaya
2Holy LandMcCraven, Makaya
3Young GeniusMcCraven, Makaya
4Black LionMcCraven, Makaya
5Tall TalesMcCraven, Makaya
6MantraMcCraven, Makaya
1Pharaoh's IntroMcCraven, Makaya
2Atlantic BlackMcCraven, Makaya
3Inner FlightMcCraven, Makaya
4Wise Man, Wiser Woman McCraven, Makaya
5Prosperity's FearMcCraven, Makaya
1Flipped OutMcCraven, Makaya
2VoilaMcCraven, Makaya
3Suite HausMcCraven, Makaya
4The Newbies Lift OffMcCraven, Makaya
5The Royal OutroMcCraven, Makaya
1The Count OffMcCraven, Makaya
2Butterss'sMcCraven, Makaya
3Turtle TricksMcCraven, Makaya
4The Fifth MonkMcCraven, Makaya
5Brighter Days BeginningMcCraven, Makaya
6Universal BeingsMcCraven, Makaya