Ustad Raja Miyan: Raga Puriya Dhanashree, Barwa, Khem Kalyan, Suha Sughrai, Nat Bihag



Ghulam Husnain Khan popularly known as Raja Miyan was born in an illustrious family of traditional musicians of the Agra Gharana. He has received taalim under stalwarts such as Padmabhushan Ustad Khadim Hussain Khan and Ustad Yunus Hussain Khan, the Khalifa of Agra Gharana. Absorbing the best of Agra Gharana tradition, Raja Miyan was groomed to present the beauty of bandish, with special love for both, sur and bol mixed with a fine sense of laya. Rendered in a sweet, resonant, and pliable voice, performances by Raja Miyan are true to the tradition of his gharana. Marked by dhrupad like nom-tom aalap, bol-taans, bol-bhaav, and bol-baant, Raja Miyan’s gayaki is authentic and reflects the strong influence of his uncle Late Ustad Latafat Hussain Khan. He is among the few artistes of the gharana who can carry on undiluted and in full measure the glory of the gharana. The Sur Singar Samsad has conferred the title of “Sur Mani” on him.


1Puriya DhanashreeUstad Raja Miyan
2BarwaUstad Raja Miyan
3Khem KalyanUstad Raja Miyan
4Suha SughraiUstad Raja Miyan
5Nat BihagUstad Raja Miyan