व्हिक्टोरिया नं. २०३ (Victoria No 203)



Victoria No. 203 is a beautifuk horse carriage in which diamonds worth crores are hidden by a dying man. hence it becomes center of attraction for number of crooks headed by Seth Durga Das (Anwar Hussain). His play boy son Kumar (Navin Nischol) falls in love with Rekha (Saira Banu) as she drives this carriage inorder to earn her living. On the other hand Raja (Ashok Kumar) & Rana (Pran) small time crooks stumble on to a key, which actually is the key on the diamonds hidden in Victoria 203. But are unware of the fact… What happens next?? Who is the fortunate one to lay hands on the diamonds??? Is kunar the real son of Seth Durga Das or is he related to Rana by any chance??? For all these queries and many more do watch this musical comedy

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