Vocal Classical – Jayateerth Mevundi – Raga – Lalit, Gunkali, Shudh Sarang



Jayateerth Mevundi – Amidst the discerning listeners of classical music, Jayateerth Mevundi is a well known name today. Featuring regularly on prestigious musical platforms, he has carved a niche for himself as a promising singer of the Kirana Gharana, However, his first steps in the field of music were taken under the tutelage of Sangeet Ratna Arjunsa Nakod of the Gwalior Gharana, After training for about a decade, Jayateerth was attracted by the style of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, He then went to Pt. Shripad Padigar, a senior disciple of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi and began to absorb the nuances of the Kirana School. While Gwalior style is forceful, based on composition (Bandish) oriented exposition; the Kirana style is based on the note-by -note exposition of a Raga structure, relatively slower and lingering. Jayateerth’s singing today reflects the mature blend of both these. Gifted with a well-seasoned and sweet voice, he has an easy reach in all the octaves. His singing is expressive, effortless and graceful. Glissandi (meends), gracenotes, modulations and a variety of rhythmically patterned taans are at his command. Quite often his taans remind you of the impact of Pt. Bhimsen Joshi. Along with the coveted Pandit Jasraj Puraskar’, he has received several scholarships and awards from Karnataka and other parts of the country. The Hubli-Dharwad region from Karnataka has produced a number of luminaries in the field of North Indian Classical music. The Illustrious career of Jayateerth Mevundi promises that there is another master in the making!

1Lalit: रैन का सपना - विलम्बित एकताल (Rain Ka Sapna - Vilambit Ektaal), भवंदा यारदा जोबन - द्रुत तीनताल (Bhavanda Yaarda Joban - Drut Teentaal)Jayateerth Mevundi35:30
2Gunakali: रे मन पी हरिनाम सुधारस - मध्यलय तीनताल (Re Pi Harinam Sudharas - Madhyalay Teentaal)Jayateerth Mevundi17:27
3Shuddh Sarang: जा रे भँवरा दूर - मध्यलय तीनताल (Ja Re Bhanvara Door - Madhyalay Teentaal)Jayateerth Mevundi18:29


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