Vocal Classical – Shashank Maktedar – Raga – Basant, Bahar, Malkauns



Shashank Maktedar – In the current age of publicity and market-oriented activity by upcoming artistes, the personality of Shashank Maktedar is radically different. He is a soft-spoken and publicity-shy youth from Aurangabad with a tremendous potential. He was initiated into music by his father Late Shamrao Maktedar. Later his talent was polished by Pandit Nath Neralkar of Aurangabad. In 1991, Shashank stood first in his age group in the National Talent Search Competition and joined the Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata as a senior scholar and had the privilege of being trained by Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar, eminent vocalist of the Gwalior gharana. Years of dedicated practice under the watchful eyes of his Guru have endowed him with a rare brilliance today. Shashank’s singing, reflecting all the facets of his gharana; is mature, imaginative and aesthetic. A sonorous voice seasoned with ‘riyat, ease in all the three octaves, flexibility in employment of musical ornamentations like needs and gamaks, speed, quality and clarity in a variety of than patterns and a contemplative approach that evades playing for the gallery. One sees in him, a master in the making Apart from the treasure of knowledge acquired from his Guru, Shashank also holds an M. A. in music from the Nagpur university and ‘Sangeet Alankar` from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Miraj. He has won the First Prize in All India Radio music competition. He has also been awarded with the ‘Aditya Vikram Birla Kalakiran Puraskar’ by Sangeet Kala Kendra, Mumbai and the luva Gayak Puraskar’ by Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Punt Currently he has sung at a number of prestigious conferences and has impressed both critics and laymen.

1Basant: भँवरा रे, फूली बन बेलारिया - मध्यलय रूपक ( Bhanvara Re, Phooli Ban Belariyaa - Madhyalay Rupak)Shashank Maktedar22:45
2Bahar: कलियाँ संग करता रंगरलियाँ - मध्यलय तीनताल (Kaliyan Sang Karata Rangaraliyan - Madhyalay Teentaal)Shashank Maktedar15.10
3Malkauns: दया करो अब तुम श्रीरामजी - विलम्बित तिलवाड़ा (Daya Karo Ab Tum Shriramji - Vilambit Tilvada), तोम् तनन देरेना, देरेना तोम् - तराना - द्रुत तीनताल (Tom Tanan Derena, Derena Tom - Tarana - Drut Teentaal), "तन देर्ना देर्ना देर्ना देर्ना तनदेरेना - तराना - द्रुत तीनताल (Tan Derna Derna Derna Derna Tanaderena - Tarana - Drut Teentaal)
Shashank Maktedar37.45


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