Vocal Classical – Vyankatesh Kumar – Raga – Saraswati, Shahana Kanada, Basant



Sri Vyankatesh Kumar hails from Lakshmipura, a hamlet in the Bellary District. Born and brought up in a rural ambience with ancestral folk tradition, he was strongly influenced by his father, a renowned Folk Artist. Impressed by his genuine dedication to music, Pandit Puttaraja ( Gawai, Gwalior Gharana) taught him its nuances. Further, he completed his post graduate degree in Music from the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya creditably Sri Vyankatesh Kumar is gifted with a mellifluous, robust and vibrant voice, rich in tradition, deep in devotion and dexterous in bhava. Vyankatesh Kumar is a phenomenon in himself. His versatility deserves to be admired when he renders the Vachanas and Haridasa Kritis, wherein he unveils the metaphysical meaning of the compositions through his musical genius. When he renders these Kritis, he does not sing but he prays. His vast experience, deep rooted commitment and stainless sincerity to his Art has made Vyankatesh Kumar a name to reckon with by the connoisseurs and Art critics alike. Sri Vyankatesh Kumar’s versatility has been acknowledged throughout the length and breadth of the country, wherein he has been invited to perform in almost all the major Music, Art and Cultural festivals. He has featured in the National Program of Music, and has been an “A” grade Artiste since 1988. Sri Vyankatesh Kumar has been a recipient of the Karnataka State Rajyotsava Award and the titles “Swara Sree”, “Sangeeta Sudhakara” and “Sangeeta Ratana” have been conferred on him by established cultural organisations. Sri Vyankatesh Kumar has recorded many Audio Cassettes, and a CD of devotional songs. His thoughts, experience and meditative writing on Music from the content of the text book on Music prescribed for the examination conducted by the Govt. of Karnataka . Sri Vyankatesh Kumar’s recitals have wide demand from various T.V. Channels including DDK. Sri Vyankatesh Kumar’s mission is to tread the path of melody to his full potential, preserving the orthodox tradition and spread the Art among the enthusiasts. He has a vast following and a large band of disciples. At present, Shri Vyankatesh Kumar is serving as a faculty at Music Collage, Dharwad University and teaches music to degree classes.

1Saraswati: जागे मोरे भाग - विलम्बित एकताल (Jaage More Bhag - Vilambit Ektaal)Vyankatesh Kumar36.14
2Saraswati: पिया तोरी लागी तिरछी नजरिया - द्रुत तीनताल (Piya Tori Lagi Tirachhi Najariyaa - Drut Teentaal)Vyankatesh Kumar20.01
Shahana Kanada: कौन सुख धायी - मध्यलय रूपक (Kaun Sukh Dhaayee - Madhyalay Rupak), अरे कगवा सुध लावो - द्रुत तीनताल (Are Kagavaa Sudh Lavo - Drut Teentaal)Vyankatesh Kumar
Basant: पशुपति गिरिजापति शंकर - द्रुत एकताल (Pashupati Girijapati Shankar - Drut Ektaal)Vyankatesh Kumar15.41


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