Vocal Recital – Evergreen Rashid Khan – Raga Lalit, Bilaskhani Todi, Bairagi Bhairav



Rashid Husain Khan, born in 1966 received training in music from Ustad Nissar Hussain Khan, the Sahaswan Gharana maestro, in Calcutta. India. Rashid’s Alap is ticklishly imaginative, his rhythmic play pulsating and the cascades of his powerful. lightening, swift taans unimaginable until actually heard. His internalization of raga-bbav is uncanny. Rashid has naturally taken listeners and the Press by storm wherever he has gone. In I988 he cut his first record. Doordarshan has produced and telecast a special program on this phenomenon. In 1989 Rashid Khan made an extensive tour of the United States and Canada, taking, as usual, crowds by storm. Rashid Khan has been hailed as a great successor to the Bade Ghulam Ali Khan – Amir Khan generation – an era today almost given up as lost.

1Raga lalit - Bandish in vilambit EktalRashid Khan
2Raga Lalit - bandish in Teental & TaranaRashid Khan
3Raga Bilaskhani TodiRashid Khan
4Raga Bhairagi BhairavRashid Khan