Wake Up You 1: Rise & Fall Of Nigerian Rock / Var by Various Artists



1Never Never Let Me Down - Formulars Dance BandVarious Artists
2Keep on Moving - the HygradesVarious Artists
3Everybody Likes Something Good - Ify Jerry KrusadeVarious Artists
4In the Jungle (Instrumental) - the HygradesVarious Artists
5Onye Ije - the StrangersVarious Artists
6Stone the Flower - the HykkersVarious Artists
7Baby I Need You - the FunkeesVarious Artists
8Mothers - WavesVarious Artists
9Beautiful Daddy - Ofo & the Black CompanyVarious Artists
10Graceful Bird - Warhead ConstructionVarious Artists
11Ije Udo - the Magnificent ZeniansVarious Artists
12Never Too Late - the ApostlesVarious Artists
13Groove the Funk - AktionVarious Artists
14Ballad of a Sad Woman - Wrinkar ExperienceVarious Artists
15I Can't Be Satisfied - Founders 15Various Artists
16Float - TirogoVarious Artists
17Scram Out - Question MarkVarious Artists
18Tell Me - P.R.OVarious Artists


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