Waking Hours by Photay



Waking Hours, by Photay (aka Evan Shornstein), is a meditation on time and our obsessive need to actively fill each moment. The NYC native’s search for calm is at the album’s very core; while he admits it was therapeutic to create, it’s not to be mistaken for a healing excursion. Largely electronic, frequents on the verge pop; extensively features Evan’s own vocals. Sonically intimate and inviting, it suggests Photay is perhaps at his best when blurring genre lines. CD in 6-panel wallet.

1Existential CelebrationPhotay04:34
2Warmth in the Coldest AcrePhotay04:35
3Is It Right?Photay04:36
4Fanfare for 7.83 HzPhotay05:30
5Change in Real TimePhotay02:04
6The PeoplePhotay05:09
7Rhythm ResearchPhotay05:30
10A Beautiful Silence PrevailsPhotay01:37