We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed by Los Campesinos!


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Double 180gm vinyl LP pressing with digital download. We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed is the second album from Cardiff-based seven-piece Los Campesinos!. It was released in the UK on 27 October 2008 on Wichita Recordings. The band initially did not consider We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed to be their second album, instead considering it a mini-album or an “EEP” (Extended EP). The album was recorded over an eleven-day recording session with John Goodmanson in his Seattle studio during June 2008. Los Campesinos! Formed in early 2006 at Cardiff University. Though the band formed in Wales, none of the members are Welsh. The band released their debut album, Hold on Now, Youngster…, in February 2008 and followed this up by releasing their second album, We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed, in October that year. The band had previously referred to this release as a ‘record’ or an ‘extended EP’, before ultimately deciding to refer to it as their second album out of simplicity.