We Are Divine by Little Tornados


Featuring Laetitia Sadier (Stereolab) and Emmanuel Mario (Holden). Eleven songs, tri-continental production and two years in the making, We Are Divine is the brainchild of activist and film maker David Thayer (Documentary Rio Bogota) in collaboration with Laetitia Sadier. Inspiration can come in many forms. For David one of the turning points was a trip to Columbia accompanied by Laetitia to document the effects of decades of industrialization and mismanagement of the Bogota River. Realizing this was symptomatic of a worldwide problem they wrote a minifesto. The band was conceived as a vehicle for this manifesto. The result is 11 tracks of mellifluous spoken word, arrangements of organs, flutes and horns set against a backdrop of avant country, psychedelia and lush pop.


1Space LinerLittle Tornados
2How ManyLittle Tornados
3ManifestLittle Tornados
4OceanLittle Tornados
5Ben's BoatLittle Tornados
6UnicornLittle Tornados
7We Are DivineLittle Tornados
8in the GardenLittle Tornados
9SummertimeLittle Tornados
10Free Your MindLittle Tornados
11Have a BalloonLittle Tornados


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