We Are Just As Welcome As Holy Water in Satan’s Drink by Psychopunch


Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Jarmo “JM” Mäkkeli comments: “We recorded the first demo (7 songs) on a winter weekend and thought we had something good going on. Sent it out to various labels and got rejected by all of them. Pretty pissed about the reactions, we decided to prove them wrong and what they would miss out on… We took a loan, wrote some kick-ass songs and recorded them pretty fast, and named the album »We Are Just As Welcome As Holy Water In Satan’s Drink«. Then we sent out the finished album to just one label, the legendary White Jazz Records. The day after we got a deal with them. The rest is history, that’s still in the making! Needless to say that we are really proud of our kick-ass punk rock’n’roll debut album”… Smashed, hammered, drunk as a skunk – the story of my life? Nah, well, that´s how I remember (!?) the ‘We Are Just As Welcome As Holy Water In Satan’s Drink’ album. Someone brought a copy to a drinking session and – badaboom! Psychopunch, goddammit! A great acquaintance that turned into an even better friendship, album by album. Every hangover is bound to be good!” – Beef Bonanza (The Bones”I’ve known most of the guys in Psychopunch for many years and it was a great pleasure for me to be able to add some sweet Mellotron on their first album. Have had some real fun drinking with these crazy cats over the years. You can do it JM!” – Jonas Stålhammar (At The Gates/Bombs Of Hades) “If ever a diamond was found in the rough, I found it with the first release and all thereafter with Psychopunch. In California White Jazz was putting out smokin’ releases but when I got a hold of WAJAWAHWISD all bets were off! I was hooked! Being able to do a split 7″ with them was f***ing tops! Man what else can you say but get ’em all now f***ers and turn it loud!” – Scott Wilkins (Verbal Abuse, Electric Frankenstein, Hollywood Hate)


1Down in FlamesPsychopunch
2Straightjacket HellPsychopunch
3Goin' CrazyPsychopunch
4Good for Nothing at AllPsychopunch
5Stranded (For Holly Ramone)Psychopunch
6Dear Life: Sweet NothingPsychopunch
7Goodbye SuckervillePsychopunch
9Cold Heart DisasterPsychopunch
10Back for GoodPsychopunch
12Make Up Your MindPsychopunch


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