We Came 2 Bring You Da Funk by Kay Bee & Kzyboost


Vinyl LP pressing. From a formidable connection between Pasadena (Los Angeles, USA) and Osaka (Japan), Kay Bee & Kzyboost bring us the funk in a new wonderfull way. Talkbox, voices, synths, leads, guitars and strong groovy bass lines under the big influence of modern funk and P-Funk.


1Feel Da FunkKay Bee & Kzyboost
2I Keep It FunkyKay Bee & Kzyboost
3Good Time Ft. MoniqueaKay Bee & Kzyboost
4Walking This WayKay Bee & Kzyboost
5We Came 2 Bring You Da FunkKay Bee & Kzyboost
6Boost LightKay Bee & Kzyboost
7Cruise Control Ft. FingazzKay Bee & Kzyboost
8What You GotKay Bee & Kzyboost


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