We Can Do It by Hillary Clinton



1Hail to the ChiefHillary Clinton
2Star Spangled BannerHillary Clinton
3The Stars and Stripes ForeverHillary Clinton
4Semper FidelisHillary Clinton
5The Washington Post MarchHillary Clinton
6Marine's HymnHillary Clinton
7The ThundererHillary Clinton
8El CapitanHillary Clinton
9Pledge of AllegianceHillary Clinton
10God Bless AmericaHillary Clinton
11The Liberty BellHillary Clinton
12My Country Tis of TheeHillary Clinton
13When Johnny Comes Marching HomeHillary Clinton
14Battle Hymn of the RepublicHillary Clinton
15Yankee DoodleHillary Clinton
16You're a Grand Old FlagHillary Clinton
17Happy Days Are HereHillary Clinton
18The Gettysburg Address AgainHillary Clinton


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