Weird Tales by Golden Smog


Weird Tales is American band Golden Smog’s second album, released in 1998. The title comes from the pulp magazine Weird Tales, the cover art being from the October 1933 issue, by Margaret Brundage. MUSICIAN CREDITS: Jeff Tweedy – vocals, guitar, bass guitar, harmonica, percussion, Gary Louris – vocals, guitar, organ, Mellotron, background vocals, Dan Murphy – vocals, guitar, piano, drums, background vocals, Mellotron, Wurlitzer, Kraig Johnson – vocals, guitar, bass guitar, piano, background vocals, Marc Perlman – guitar, bass guitar, background vocals, Jody Stephens – drums, percussion, bells, Jim Dickinson – Wurlitzer, Jessy Greene – violin, background vocals, Jim Boquist – background vocals, Jason Orris – background vocals, Bryan Hanna – tambourine, background vocals, Brian Paulson – Minimoog


1To Call My OwnGolden Smog
2Looking Forward to Seeing YouGolden Smog
3Until You Came AlongGolden Smog
4Lost LoveGolden Smog
5If I Only Had a CarGolden Smog
1JaneGolden Smog
2KeysGolden Smog
3I Can't Keep from TalkingGolden Smog
4Reflections on MeGolden Smog
55 Making WavesGolden Smog
1White Shell RoadGolden Smog
2Please Tell My BrotherGolden Smog
3Fear of FallingGolden Smog
4All the Same to MeGolden Smog
5Jennifer Save MeGolden Smog


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