Weirdo by Five Eight


A should-have-been classic, Five Eight’s Weirdo gets a 2015 remix and remaster with five bonus tracks! Since 1992, Five Eight has recorded six CDs, toured with REM, and performed with Cheap Trick, The Ramones, Cracker, Pylon, and Seven Mary Three.


1Mystery JamesFive Eight
2KaraokeFive Eight
3Behead MyselfFive Eight
4Fall AsleepFive Eight
1What They DidFive Eight
2You Never Look in My EyesFive Eight
3StarsFive Eight
4Tense It UpFive Eight
1Hurt YouFive Eight
2WeirdoFive Eight
3Shouldn't Be HereFive Eight
4Drummer DivorceFive Eight
1Nowhere in a CircleFive Eight
2StringsFive Eight
3The Only OneFive Eight
4Ghost in This TownFive Eight


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