Whatever Threatens You by Barry Crimmins


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1Hello LawrenceBarry Crimmins
2Something ImportantBarry Crimmins
3Giant ArmsBarry Crimmins
4Setting the Record StraightBarry Crimmins
5Meaty BonesBarry Crimmins
6I'm Whatever Threatens YouBarry Crimmins
7Not in the VatBarry Crimmins
8The Beer I Trained onBarry Crimmins
9That's Who's HereBarry Crimmins
10The Sound Your Brain MakesBarry Crimmins
11Guns and CamoBarry Crimmins
12Fighting for PacifismBarry Crimmins
13Two Party AnimalsBarry Crimmins
14A Mild Case of the PlagueBarry Crimmins
15A Rancid Bag of Horse AssholesBarry Crimmins
16Her Dog Scaring SmileBarry Crimmins
17Poll PositionsBarry Crimmins
18Mr. Crimmins Goes to WashingtonBarry Crimmins


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