When Love Met Destruction by Motionless In White


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When Love Met Destruction was recorder in the group’s hometown after a year of releasing their debut EP The horror. Although When Love Met Destruction is an EP as its releasing through Tragic Hero. It was intially a full- length album that was released through Masquerade Recordings, where it was recorded in 2008 with limited production values. The band would sell the album on the 2008 Vans Warped Tour. There are only 1,000 copies in existence of the full-length, 11-track album.


1To Keep From Getting BurnedMotionless In White3:30
2Ghost In The MirrorMotionless In White3:37
3Destroying EverythingMotionless In White5:02
4Whatever You Do… Don't Push The Red ButtonMotionless In White3:35
5Billy In 4C Never Saw it ComingMotionless In White4:02
6The Seventh CircleMotionless In White3:32